DAY SIX: An Example of How I Fail… at Everything

After a long day at work, I stopped at a well-known national chain hardware store (HOME DEPOT) to select a simple, low-profile light fixture to install above the living room table. I spent about forty minutes in the store, half that time deciding among the fixtures. The prices for the general type of light I was looking for ranged between $13.00 and $65.00. Ultimately I decided on a simple fixture that cost $34.00. Now, as is often the case at hardware stores, several of the boxes of the fixtures in stock were either open or had previously been opened and resealed. In my experience, boxes like that are often missing parts. Among the “factory sealed” boxes I picked up several and shook them. I finally selected one that did not rattle, as sounds coming from a box containing glass items are often an indicator of damaged pieces.

I figured that I could realistically install the light fixture in ten to fifteen minutes, as basically it is a matter of replacing an old fixture with a new one. I opened the box of the fixture I had just purchased… and discovered that the glass shade is cracked.

What should have taken me fifteen minutes to install will now be postponed by at least a full day, assuming I am able to get to the store after work tomorrow. Then I will spend at least another twenty minutes in the store, as the checkout lines tend to be slow. My fifteen minute task, counting my time to open, swear, and then close the box and find my receipt, will be about ten minutes plus 24 hours plus twenty more store minutes plus the actual fifteen minute installation time, or twenty-four hours and forty-five minutes to complete a fifteen minute task. That is, 99 times as long to do the job as was estimated. That’s 9,900% longer than it should have taken.

That’s pretty much the story of my life. That’s why I so rarely accomplish thing – everything, even the simplest of tasks, takes TEN-THOUSAND PERCENT LONGER TO DO than it should!

DAY FIVE: Long Day at Werk

Worked late. Part of the day was spent in mostly pointless and unproductive meetings. I used what time I had to work toward decluttering my workspace. I took my own handtruck and my own boxes. One of the other teachers “borrowed” about half my boxes. I still managed to cart a fair amount of stuff to the dumpster, although not as much as I would have liked. I am hoping to have time to continue the process tomorrow.

As a result of “open house” night at work, I did not get home until the evening, just in time to change my clothes, grab a bite to eat, and catch the premiere of the made-for-TV movie Sharknado 2 on the Sci-Fi channel.

DAY FOUR: Chaos at Werk

Work is chaotic and frustrating; more specifically, after only two days, dealing with some of the people at work is chaotic and frustrating. In other words, nothing new on that front.

Emptied three or four more boxes at home this afternoon and added the contents to the “sort this stuff… and soon” pile. I think I’ll ultimately be able to condense the contents of the numerous large boxes I’ve emptied to perhaps a couple of medium-sized plastic storage containers. I’m tackling some of the stuff I’ve been “hoarding.” I’ve finally, actively decided that “space” is more valuable to me than “stuff”.

Until I change my mind, anyway.

DAY THREE: Back to Work

I work at a school. I had about six weeks off for summer break. Summer break, beyond question or doubt, is the primary, and perhaps only, reason to consider education as a career field. Today I went back to work.

I wonder how many more days are left until summer break?

What did I accomplish during summer break? Continue reading

DAY TWO: Done and Undone

What’d I get done today? It didn’t feel like much. I spent the entire day working on around-the-house projects, mostly painting-related. Over the past few days we’ve gone through 2-3/4 gallons of paint, two large tubes and two small tubes of caulking compound, a box of patching plaster, a pack of 60-grit sandpaper, and I wore out my shop vac cleaning up the stuff I chipped and sanded and scraped off the walls and windows. Continue reading

One-Hundred Days: Day 1 of 100

The idea behind Chamber of Chaos Pikey Fat Git is that I am living a life – if you can call it a life – of entropy and ennui. Despite plans, schemes, ideas, and ambitions, I am rarely able to get anything done. I don’t finish what I start. I don’t start what I plan. I don’t plan what I daydream about. My intent for this site is to document what I do, or what I don’t do, and eventually, I hope, use the data recorded here to figure out how to actually finish something once in a while.

Other people seem to get things done. The World Wide Web is full of blog sites by people who claim to start one business, usually internet-based, after another, and who write about generating “six-figure incomes” from their part-time internet-based income streams that they manage from beside the pool at a tropical resort in Thailand or The Philippines or some similarly improbable locale.

Yeah, well, that all sounds fine and dandy, Continue reading