307. 308. 309. 310. 311. SICK!

Doesn’t it just figure? I try to start “getting healthy,” and the first thing that happens instead is, I get sick! Yes, Monday night, the evening of the day when I exercised and ate healthy, I started feeling the sniffles coming on, and within a couple of hours it had turned into a full-on, snot-dripping, soul-sucking head cold.

I’ve trudged through the work-week in misery, barely functioning.

Healthy eating and exercise went totally out the door. Weight went totally through the ceiling. Annoying reality: I don’t “waste away” when I’m sick; I get fatter!

5/26 Tuesday: 203.2 lbs
5/27 Wednesday: 203.6 lbs
5/28 Thursday: 204.4 lbs
5/29 Friday: 203.4 lbs
5/30 Saturday: 202.6 lbs

I’m still not totally over it. Generally, colds linger on for ten days or more. I’m hoping to feel sufficiently energetic and un-congested to attempt a few sit-ups and push-ups tomorrow. For now, though, I’m trying to rest. After the miserable work-week, today, as a day off, is a day to do nothing beyond attempting to recover… by doing nothing.

306. A Return Expedition?

Telegram – D. P. Beach to A. E. Sable – 1915

Telegram – D. P. Beach to A. E. Sable – 1915

If I’m going to attempt another expedition I need to lose weight, and a lot of it… starting now!

Six and a half weeks. How much can I reasonably expect to lose in that amount of time? Somewhere between twelve and twenty pounds, if I focus and stay on track. The problem is, I’ll be going in to this knowing that even twenty pounds is not enough.

I’ll also need to buy an iPad or a travel laptop computer. How am I gonna get a thousand bucks to do that? A thousand bucks in addition to what I’ll need for the trip, so at least two grand… in six weeks. That’s a lot of eBay.

Fat Guy Running - Day 1 - 204.6 lbs

Fat Guy Running – Day 1 – 204.6 lbs

So I actually ran. Okay, jogged. Six miles at a 12 minute mile pace.

And I started the sit-ups again. And push-ups. Knee push-ups, ‘cuz I’m pathetic. And some squats.

I’ll be sore tomorrow.

I’m also trying to eat “paleo style.” Mostly vegetables today. A few bits of lean turkey a few minutes ago because I was feeling a little bit hungry and a lot bit cranky. Already.

Can’t cut the Coca Cola out cold; limiting myself to two glasses. So far I’ve had only one today – hence the “lot bit cranky.”

Snapped some photos of some things to list on eBay.

305. Still More Stuff

What did I say I had ordered yesterday? Oh yes, shoes. So, in addition to the shoes, I now have two wire cutting tools on the way. They’re for a purpose: I have a household project I’ve been putting off for months, partly because I don’t have a good set of wire cutters. In fact, I’ve never owned a good set of wire cutters. I usually make due with pliers or something, sometimes even scissors, depending on the gauge of the wire. So today I ordered not one, but two sets of wire cutters via Amazon. Why two? Because that’s how I am when it comes to buying stuff. That’s why I have so much stuff and so little money. They were only six dollars and eight dollars respectively.

Of course, uhm, there might have (there was) a toy item added to the purchase to meet the minimum for free shipping.

What did I get rid of today? Nothing.

Oh, I tried cleaning the sensor of the DSLR camera. I think it’s better, but I won’t really know until I snap a bunch of photos and load them onto the computer where I can really see them. There’s still one slightly blurry sensor spot that may be permanent. It’s more like a streak than a black speck.

Also today, my spouse ordered an electric toothbrush via Amazon. And she bought us tickets to visit Oregon in July to see my aging parents.

On the way:
Steampunk book
Crevo boots
Wire cutters
Wire cutters
Cerise Hood doll
*Electric toothbrush (not mine)

304. Cowgirl vs Pterodactyl

Cowgirl vs Pterodactyl

Cowgirl vs Pterodactyl

I am very happy with the Crevo Roughneck boots that I ordered. The fit is perfect. In fact, I like them so much that today I combined an Amazon gift card credit with some of my recent eBay income to order another pair of Crevo boots, the Crevo Buck model.

Everything else I purchased online has arrived, so now the only thing I’m waiting for is the second pair of boots. Oh, and that book that I shouldn’t have ordered – obviously, duh, as I can’t even remember that I’m waiting for it to arrive.

The magazine, as previously stated, will be adequate for my purposes. The boots are great. I have not yet tried the sensor cleaning kit; I’ve forgotten where I put my camera batteries, and I’ll need to put fully-charged batteries in the camera before messing about trying to clean the sensor.

And the little metal horse toy figure is pretty neat!

I’m so tired that even my brain is working slowly. I intended to work on my writing projects today after posting a few more eBay listings. I got through about four eBay listings, and the rest of the day sort of disappeared as I looked around on Flickr; but I didn’t even look at much on Flickr, so really, I don’t know where the day went. I took a two-hour nap, which was good. Seriously, though, I feel like I’m floundering about in a fog.

I think I’d better try to get some sleep now.

303. Terrorists on Twitter

“The Islamic State (IS) group says it was behind a suicide bombing on a Shia mosque in Saudi Arabia that killed at least 10 people.

The attack in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province is the first to be claimed by the Saudi branch of IS, which was formally established last November.

The claim was posted on Twitter with an image of the bomber by an account that is a reliable source on the group.”

Quote from a BBC news article today.

This is yet another example of why my opinion is that anyone who chooses to use and support Twitter is aiding and abetting international terrorists.

I can almost guarantee you that if I started a web site for the purpose of allowing murderers to gloat about their crimes, the site would be shut down and I would quickly find myself in jail. Yet Twitter is allowed to do exactly that – provide a “broadcasting service” to mass murderers. The major news media, in turn “report” what they find on the Twitter streams, so obviously the media outlets are “following” these people; or in other words, supporting their atrocities by supporting their presence on Twitter.

302. Arrivals

The “old magazine” I ordered has arrived. It’s all right, it will suffice for what I need it for. Still waiting for: metal horse, boots, camera cleaning kit, book (that I didn’t need).

Worked on my writing project a little bit last night. Gonna do some more right now. I felt frustrated when I realized it had been a full week since I’d last worked on the writing project. That’s not the way to make project. Then I reminded myself that I have over a dozen items listed on eBay — no bids, but at least it’s a start, with more on the way… I hope. The old magazine is helping to inspire me.

There are only so many hours in a day, or in an evening after work, and these last few weeks have proven to be more tiring than expected. Every year I expect the last few weeks of school to be “cruise weeks,” and instead stuff happens to ramp up the stress level.

301. Notes to Self

Why Starting Over Again is Good – a helpful post from Steve Kamb at NerdFitness.com

List from last year’s summer break:

  • Words written to publish as eBooks on Kindle: 0
  • Ukulele practice sessions: 1 (~30 minutes)
  • Ocean swims: 0
  • Jogging or running (3k or more): ~4
  • Hikes up Koko Crater: 0
  • Hikes to Ka’ena Point: 0
  • Bike rides: 0
  • Kayak paddling: 0
  • Sit-ups: 0
  • Push-ups: 0
  • Pull-ups: 0
  • Boxes of clutter discarded: ~1
  • Postcards mailed: 19
  • “World’s Largest Ball(s) of Twine” visited: 2 (Darwin, MN and Cawker City, KS)

Let’s see what I can accomplish from this list by the end of the next sixty-five days.

100. DAY 300 of 100

Today marks “DAY 100” of the third attempt I have made at making Life-Changing Changes in my Life over the course of 100 days. What have I accomplished compared to 100 300 days ago?

I see that when I started, back in July of 2014, my weight was at 194 pounds. Today my weight is at 203.6 pounds. Oh, cool; I managed to gain ten pounds. Ten pounds of fat. In fact, I’m so rotund that today while I was at work my shirt ripped out under my arm. I’m turning into the Incredible Bulk, and my clothes can no longer contain me.

In addition to the weight gain, which has been an ongoing lament for years, pretty much everything else I whine about remains solidly in place. I spent a couple of hours after work this evening posting items to eBay. I’m still working on the decluttering. I’ve been “working on decluttering” since, like, 2007 or something. The difference now is that I’m wasting a hundred dollars a month storing stuff! The idea there was to clean up the house so it would show better when we listed it for sale. Well, the house has been for sale for three months now, but there have been no offers, and nobody even close to interested. Yeah, it’s a “niche” property, and will require a specific type of buyer, which I knew going in, but it’s still disappointing. And in the meantime, I’m paying a hundred bucks a month to store my worthless crap!

I managed to sell two or three items on eBay the other day, and got those packages mailed off yesterday. That was good. Of course, I immediately bought some stuff with part of the eBay money, which is totally not the point.

And speaking of the stuff I bought, here’s a list of stuff that’s on its way to me as I type:

  • Crevo Roughneck hiking boots – $38.00 – didn’t need ’em; spur of the moment whimsy buy; rationalizing it by saying that my work shoes are wearing out, which is true.
  • DSLR Lens Cleaning Kit – $15.00 – summer break is coming up; I’d like to refresh my photography skills, but the sensor spots in the camera have been frustrating. If I can’t clean it with the cleaning kit, I’m gonna sell all my camera crap.
  • Book, Boilerplate by Paul Guinan – $5 – I definitely did not need another book; another picture book of faux-Victorian robots. Justifying it by telling myself it was cheap and that it will help me research my own writing projects. But books take up space!
  • Old magazine from 1893 – $71.00 – Wait… I paid how much for an old magazine?! Again, I justify this by saying that I “need” it for one of my writing projects, and I can probably get at least 50% – 75% of my money back if I re-sell it.
  • Old toy miniature cast-metal horse with rider – $22.50 – Again… wait, what? Yeah, yeah, this is one of my many weaknesses; one of my Flickr photo contacts posted these photos, you see, and I thought it would be fun to put together a similar little scene, and… yeah, that’s how it goes. I’m already thinking about more projects that this little horse might lead to, which would require about a hundred dollars in outlay. Partial justification: I’m fairly sure I can get most of my money back (less commissions and fees, which are becoming considerable) were I to resell this item.

Okay, so, I sold three things and bought five things, for a net of +2 items added to the clutter I’m supposedly trying to clear out. If we go by mass, the boots probably outweigh the three items I sold on their own. Add in a book and a metal toy, and yeah, fail on the mass front. From a volume perspective, the boots will probably take up the same space as one of the things I sold. I sold an old magazine and bought an old magazine, so that’s a wash. The camera-cleaning kit is mostly disposable swabs the size of Q-Tips, and the metal horse is probably the size of the little plastic animal toys I sold. So size-wise, the new stuff won’t take up significantly more space than the old stuff; nor, however, will it take up significantly less space.

I have some other items listed on eBay, but my possessions have been largely reduced to “junk” at this point, with very little remaining that’s worth much money (or the time and effort required to list it for sale).

I looked at my calendar this evening. The upcoming summer break from school is the shortest it’s been in the ten years I’ve worked for the school system. Summer break here is only six full weeks long, plus one day at the beginning and two days at the end. How lame is that? They keep extending the length of the school year — and the kids keep getting dumber. Back in my day, summer vacation was three months long. I spent part of one summer reading Henry Reed’s Baby-Sitting Service. Now, the schools are expected to serve as full-time baby-sitting services. How is Henry Reed going to earn any pocket money this summer?

I gotta get through the remaining three days of this week and then two more weeks before summer break. Then I’m gonna resume exercising and eating better. I’m kinda depressed that I’m ten pounds heavier than I was three-hundred days ago. I didn’t realize I’d gained that much. But it’s not really a surprise. By this time of the year, I need sugar, and lots of it, in the form of Coca Cola and chocolate, to keep me functioning through each day.

I’m going to keep the daily count thing going. I’ll keep tabs on things for another sixty-five days, and then take stock of where I am relative to a year ago.