346. A Moment of Reflection

I happened to glance in the mirror today. Startled, I paused and gazed a moment longer. Gazed? No, stared, aghast, at the jello pudding snowman jiggling there before my eyes.

Starting toward fitness during times of stress and busy-ness, that is what I need to learn more about. How to get, let alone stay, sufficiently motivated to start when the end result seems impossibly far away and the immediate situation is so frustrating I just want to grab a soda or some chips or a bowl of ice cream or a beer.

Sold some stuff on eBay. Camera lenses. Did I really need to turn around and buy another ukulele? I rarely practice with the one I already have. I rationalized it by saying it will be my final souvenir of my time in Hawaii. That’s bullsh*t. I don’t need a final souvenir from Hawaii. And there’s other stuff I coulda-shoulda used the money for, or will soon need the money for. Boring stuff, like land surveys and insect fumigation and inspections and moving. And cat cages.

Plus, I should hold on to the money until I’m sure the eBay buyer isn’t going to return the lens. I dislike selling items to buyers with low feedback scores. They don’t get how eBay works. They think eBay is KMart. They expect to be able to over-bid, then return the item. eBay used to allow sellers to block bidders with low feedback scores, but the site has become considerably more “buyer-centric” and the sellers are expected to just suck it up… while paying ever-increasing fees.

I want to get rid of the last of my stuff and then never deal with eBay again. But I’ve been saying that for years.

I’ve been saying a lot of stuff for years. Planning a lot of stuff for years. Procrastinating for years.

Tomorrow is Independence Day. Tomorrow I’ll fire a shot at that Fat Guy I saw in the mirror today. And I’ll keep firing away. The Minutemen didn’t win the war in a minute. In fact, it took them eight years, with skirmishes and other incidents occurring over more than five years prior to that. But they didn’t stop, they didn’t quit, they didn’t surrender, and that’s why they eventually won against one of the most powerful military forces in the world.