Ordered a brand new car over the telephone today before heading off to work. We will pick up our new Subaru Forester when we fly in to Salt Lake City on September 18.

Looks like Hurricane Ignacio will bypass Hawaii to the north with little impact other than continuing heat and humidity.


Worked on boxing up stuff, shuffling boxes around, stuff like that. Mowed the lawn, which was about ten inches tall after all the rain.

Sweating up a stinky storm again. Is it because it’s hot and humid here, even by Hawaii standards? Or is it because I’m overweight and out of shape?

Progress on everything seems so slow. How did Margaret Zhang propel herself to internet stardom seemingly so quickly, as a mere teenager? How does she balance Law School, Business School, modeling, photography, and world traveling? It takes me all frikken day to box up a half-dozen framed pictures.

I really wish we were going to be out of here before Hurricane Jimena approaches the islands. Even though the current forecast calls for the storm to bypass the islands directly, the wind-driven easterly ocean swells, already rough from the approach of Hurricane Ignacio, could result in serious… serious… beachfront erosion. I can’t claim to be feeling particularly sanguine about this at the moment, even though technically we no longer own the house. If the house gets destroyed before the new owners move in, can they bring some kind of legal action against us? One wouldn’t think so — controlling the weather, alas, is not among my heroic super powers — but laws and courts are a crazy system.

That’s why Margaret Zhang is studying law, so she says in her blog. So she can understand the legal basis behind her business dealings.

Why couldn’t I have found somebody that together when I was in my early twenties and then tag along on their coat-tails?

I can’t even get my crap boxed up to move. And despite all the sweating, I haven’t lost any weight.


While wasting time on the internet today I stumbled across a link which ultimately led me to the ShineByThree blog by the hyper-sexy Margaret Zhang. She’s only 22, yet she has parlayed her blogging and “selfie” photography into Instagram “star” status and a fashion modeling, photography, and journalism career that takes her all over the world. She’s also a full-time law school student.

Meanwhile, I’m still puttering around shuffling boxes from one side of the room to the other. My accomplishments for the day:

Assembled four plastic cat-carrier cages, and boxed a broken cage up to return to Amazon for replacement.
Rescheduled my upcoming dentist appointment.
Learned that the iPad I ordered directly from Apple will not be compatible with Verizon Wireless. Verizon, of course, has the best coverage, by far, in the area to which we will be moving. Researched options, which seems to mean buying a SIM card from Verizon.
Talked to a car salesperson via telephone to start arrangements to purchase a car to be picked up after we move.
Responded to a notification from my web hosting service that most of the domain name folders on my site had been corrupted by malware. Deleted all the folders. Fortunately this site and ChamberOfChaos were spared. The WordPress files on the pages I don’t use or update regularly were affected.
Moved boxes, as already noted.
Sweated like a pig. (Yes, I’m aware that pigs don’t actually sweat; it’s a turn of phrase.)
Weight today: 204.8 pounds

34. Friday

Friday. Hot. Humid. At least the rain has stopped.
There are things I would like to write about. The kinds of things I intended this blog to be about. Like the cute little girl at school who showed me her new blank notebook today. Or maybe even some of the nice things people are saying to me as they find out I am leaving. Or even dull, self-centered things like having finally ordered an iPad yesterday (and finding out today that Apple will be announcing their new product line this coming weekend).
So many little things I’m starting to wish I had documented now that I’m about to leave Hawaii, probably forever.
But I’m just too tired.

Another hurricane may make landfall early next week, unless the course changes and it veers off to the north. There’s another, bigger storm following that one by two or three days.

My last day at work will be August 9th. We won’t be leaving the island until at least August 17th.

33. Thursday… again

By Thursday the 4:45am wake-up time is taking a toll. I’m dragging both physically and mentally. It’s difficult to summon enthusiasm or energy for anything.


Some days I feel like a terrible teacher. I feel like I wasted the day, that we were unproductive in class, and that I have been especially disorganized.

Such was the case today. Then I went to the after-school faculty meeting. After that 90 minutes of confusion and chaos, I felt, by comparison, like a highly efficient professional performing at the top of my game.

Okay, it is raining to beat all holy heck, thunder is causing the concrete block building to vibrate, and there is a flash flood warning in effect for everywhere between work and home, so I need to get going.

31. End? Or Beginning?

It’s official. Our house has sold. So technically we are now renting the house we used to own.

Very mixed feelings. After so desperately wanting to sell… I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes as I type this.


Raining. Humid. Raining. Did I mention the rain? Yeah, it’s raining.

29. Meet-Up

Met up for lunch with two “online friends” from hobby forums today: “vanie” and “kirakira.” As is to be expected, it was initially a bit awkward, but overall fun.

The weather here has been the warmest I have experienced in Hawaii in sixteen years of living here. The “official” temperature hit 98 degrees in Honolulu yesterday, but some places reported temperatures of 100 or more. Additionally, the humidity is extremely high; again, the most humid I’ve experienced here.

The tropical storm is now projected to pass far south and west of the islands, but the high temperatures and humidity are projected to linger through most of the coming week.

I’ve had a touch of a cold this weekend, so I’m not feeling particularly perky.


Applied, and paid for, a post office box in the town to which we are, in theory anyway, moving.

Trying to set up a new web site. Having database connection issues.

I need to keep sorting and packing. I thought I was almost done with “my stuff,” but I keep finding more!.

Weather is very hot and humid, even by Hawaii standards. The tropical storm path has been revised; the storm is now predicted to pass south and west of Kauai and Oahu, but heavy rain beginning tonight and lasting through next week is a possibility. No rain as of yet, but Oahu is under a flash flood watch.