Uneventful last day of 2015. I telephoned the bank in Hawaii. They will try to remedy the unauthorized charges to my debit card. The account representative to whom I spoke indicated that they are receiving a lot of fraud complaints. I tried to organize some boxes, but it’s slow going. The weather was mostly sunny but cold, with temperatures in the twenties (Fahrenheit).

I believe I am supposed to be trying to be more enthusiastic and optimistic on this blog. So, uhmm… Happy New Year!


Got a late start, as usual, but worked on the wiring in the studio. Finished the regular outlets and lights. Tested them and nothing caught fire, so that was good.

Checked my First Hawaiian Bank account this evening for the first time in months… only to discover a number of $50 charges, totaling more than $250.00, made at Wal-mart stores in freakin’ Georgia! How the hell can somebody be using my debit card to make purchases in Georgia? Of course we are heading in to a holiday weekend. And I did not discover this until after business hours tonight. I called the 24-hour service line, but the service representative cannot dispute the charges (made on December 18); I have to speak with an account representative during regular business hours. I will try to call tomorrow.

In the meantime, I paid my bills with what money was left in the account, and then transferred most of the remainder to my PayPal account. From PayPal I will transfer the funds to my other bank account.

First time this has happened to me. But I’m still pretty annoyed. How could somebody be using a fake debit card? Obviously they know the drill, and by keeping the purchases at $50 or less they do not have to sign and the stores do not check identification.


Shopping day. Made the drive to Cedar City. Actually went all the way to St. George (2+ hours one way) to have lunch at the Olive Garden, then back through Cedar City for shopping — groceries and some supplies for the building projects — and then back home.


Despite getting a late start (as usual) I managed to work on the electrical wiring in the studio for a while today. Discovered a mistake made by the guy we hired to help us with the construction. No big deal: a direct short circuit that might have made some pretty cool sparks if the circuit had been turned on!

Cold weather, in the twenties today, slightly below zero at night.


Was gonna work on the wiring in the studio building. Instead shoveled snow. Cold outside, but at least it was sunny and, more importantly, the wind stopped blowing.


Windy today. Very windy. Windy and cold. Forty mile per hour winds and twenty degrees. Instead of “working” I tried to sit and read. Re-reading T.N.T.: It Rocks the Earth (1932) by Claude M. Bristol. Took me all day to read a very short book, a booklet, actually. Interruptions. And I read slowly these days. I used to read fast. Now I read slow. It’s frustrating. I intended to read T.N.T. and then start on a “how to” book about bathrooms.

Worked on making lists of things I need to do.

Sorted through a box or two from the move. Semi-sorted. Things are still a ridiculous mess. The problem is actually that I have too much stuff, I suspect.

Also… I have already violated my self-imposed toy-buying moratorium. As I was unpacking Monster High figures this evening, I discovered that the face of my Elissabat figure has become badly stained, apparently from contact with some incompatible substance. I really like Elissabat… so I ordered another one via Amazon.

That was pretty much a pathetic fail. So the buying moratorium restarts… now!


Way back in the long time ago days, when I used to keep a “journal” on paper written by hand, the Night After Christmas was traditionally time for my Year In Review entry. I would briefly review the Christmas holiday festivities, then comment on the year that had passed, and close with a few remarks about what I hoped to accomplish in the year to come.

Fifteen or more years ago I tossed all those paper journals in the rubbish bin. They were full of whining.

Now, in my scattered electronic online presence, the whining continues unabated. Some things never change.

I’m tired. Too tired to think back on the last year in any detail. In brief: Continue reading


I have been remiss in posting “daily” updates.


I have been remiss in posting “daily” updates.