605. 365 Productive Days: An Anti-Climactic Finish

365 Productive Days

Or that was the idea, anyway.

365 Productive Days: An Anti-Climactic Finish

I just wrapped up a “365” photo project on the Flickr photo-sharing site that was based on being “productive.”

Ultimately, it was only marginally successful, at best, from a productivity standpoint. And while I snapped photos every day, I did not upload them every day, so under the usual guidelines for a true “365 days project” I fell short.

In this image I’m putting some trim boards on the most visible of the “new walls” on the studio yurt. I won’t be able to paint until the weather warms up… in June, if I’m lucky… so until then it’s gonna look like what it is, a cobbled-together mish-mash of new and repurposed plywood and lumber. And the frustrating thing is, despite five inches of additional insulation on the walls and around the base, the water lines still freeze up when the temps drop into the teens, even when electric heaters keep the interior space above 60˙F / 15˙C.

I feel like I’m finishing the year exactly where I started. In fact, I’m feeling like this particular “little” project is becoming endlessly endless with no end in sight.

What have I accomplished in one year of being “productive”?

Not much.

  • Got one of two intended vacation rental yurts going.
  • Managed to get out and about to explore a few of the local parks and attractions.
  • And… uhhh… that’s about it.

So what did I not accomplish that I expected, or at least intended, to accomplish?

  • Have a minimum of two, probably three, and possibly four vacation rental units operating.
  • Lose weight and be in better overall physical condition.
  • Write something and publish it. Okay, more specifically, I intended to have two or three original self-published works go “live” on Amazon for Kindle in addition to several morel installments of the old dime novel reprints.
  • Pay off all credit card debts. (Home improvement projects are expensive!)
  • Have money in the bank and cash in my pocket.
  • Hike the Grand Canyon.
  • Complete another “Pillar of Darkness” style expedition.

The good:

  • During peak season, April through mid-October, the cash income from one vacation rental unit slightly exceeds my take-home pay when I was teaching in Hawaii.
  • Since leaving the school job, I have not been sick at all, not even a cold.
  • Everything on the “What Did I Not Accomplish” list is actually feasible.

The not-so-good:

  • All the things I didn’t do that I shoulda done (see “What did I not accomplish” above).
  • The weather here is of two extremes: fantastic and horrible. Unfortunately, horrible accounts for two-thirds to three-quarters of the time. “Horrible” in this case is defined as COLD and WINDY.

So… now what?