604. 100 Days of Awesome

I’m starting a new “self-improvement” and “productivity” project.

Yesterday I wrapped up a “365” photo project on the Flickr photo sharing site, “365 Productive Days.” The results of those 365 days were not as impressive as I had intended. I have decided to carry on with a new version, with an intent to be more diligent in my effort and more effective with my time. Rather than focus on an entire year, or on the 1000 days that is the subject of this blog, I am starting a shorter, and I’m hoping more intense, project: 100 Days of Awesome. I’m numbering the days in reverse order, as sort of a countdown.

Since it’s a countdown, I suppose I should call this new project “100 Days To Awesome.”

But I’m impatient. I don’t want to wait 100 days. I want my awesome now!

Plus, I already set up the photo templates for the entire 100 days, and I don’t want to go back and change them all.

The idea is essentially the same as my recently completed, with underwhelming results, “365 Productive Days” project: to get some stuff done while documenting the process. The documentation aspect is more to keep myself motivated than anything else. Plus, it keeps me active here on Flickr. Otherwise, I’m finding that I’m beginning to withdraw even from my internet addiction. I need the intellectual and social stimulation from my web contacts (you guys who are reading this) to keep me stable (-ish), sane (relatively), and amused.

Arright, so, what will “100 Days of (or to) Awesome” look like?

In reality, prolly not much. What I would like to do is tackle the “leftovers” from my “365 Productive Days” project.

What did I not accomplish that I expected, or at least intended, to accomplish during the previous year? Here’s a handy list, with a couple of new additions.

  • Have a minimum of two, probably three, and possibly four vacation rental units operating.
  • Lose weight and be in better overall physical condition.
  • Write something and publish it. Okay, more specifically, I intended to have two or three original self-published works go “live” on Amazon for Kindle in addition to several morel installments of the old dime novel reprints.
  • Pay off all credit card debts. (Home improvement projects are expensive!)
  • Have money in the bank and cash in my pocket.
  • Hike the Grand Canyon.
  • Complete another “Pillar of Darkness” Expedition.
  • Travel somewhere. I need some big city / bright lights. I need some serious road trippin’ miles.
  • Buy a “winter getaway home” someplace where it doesn’t snow and where the temperature doesn’t dip below freezing.
  • Refine this list. It is a “living, breathing document.”

I do not realistically expect to achieve all of these objectives over the next 100 days. Some of them, like paying off all the credit card debt or buying a getaway property, will take longer. But I intend to make progress toward those targets while knocking off a few of the others.

Okay, so what did I accomplish on the first day? I started reading two books to help jump-start the motivation: Blink (2005) by Malcolm Gladwell, and The Power (2010) by Rhonda Byrne. Both books are sequels. The Gladwell book is a sequel of sorts to his highly regarded The Tipping Point, which I have not read, and The Power is a follow-up to The Secret, which I have read.

Admittedly, reading self-improvement books at this point is largely an excuse for procrastination. It’s much easier to read about doing stuff than to actually do stuff. But I’m a slow starter. Always have been. I need to gradually build up momentum. Reading a book or two usually works to get me moving… although I’m finding the Gladwell book a bit of a bore. While I did not begin this project with a vigorous twelve-hour day of non-stop action, I’m at least taxiing toward the runway. It’ll take me a while to achieve take-off velocity.

100 Days of Awesome: A Countdown