398. Last Day of Summer

Tomorrow is the astronomical midpoint between the Northern Hemisphere Summer Solstice and the Northern Hemisphere Autumn Equinox. Despite what the news media tries to tell us, that the Summer Solstice is “the first day of summer” and the winter solstice is “the first day of winter” and the spring equinox is “the first day of spring,” the seasons traditionally begin at the astronomical midpoints between the solstices and equinoxes.

And fall begins tomorrow.

It’s felt to me a little bit like autumn was imminent since around the 4th of July holiday. Clouds, frequent rain, cooler than expected nights. The “monsoon season” in southern Utah has brought copious and incessant rain for the past two or three weeks. Every single afternoon is overcast, often with heavy rains, thunder, and lightning. It feels to me like fall weather is here.

I’ve definitely been “putting on the pounds for winter.” I am at my heaviest ever: 213.6 lbs according to the scale today. Steve over at FitDadNation.com is starting a 30-day “Primal Challenge” this coming Tuesday. One more time, I am going to try to make some serious improvements in my health and fitness (because I feel, and look, like crap right now) on my own, using the “Primal Challenge” for inspiration without officially joining. The online component of the Challenges is FaceBook based, and I really don’t care for FaceBook. I’ll follow the Instagram updates instead.

With the beginning of a new season (but, I hope, at least a few more weeks of summer-esque weather sneaking in between the thunder showers), I’m planning to revisit my “100 Days” list from the beginning of the year. In addition to the fitness challenge, I plan to work toward some other improvements.

Yeah, I know. I’m always “planning” or “hoping” or “intending” but rarely “doing.”



  • Have a minimum of two, ideally three, and a solid start toward four vacation rental units operating.
    Two are currently operating, but one of them is not quite finished.
  • Lose weight and be in better overall physical condition.
    Current weight: 213 pounds
  • Write something and publish it. Okay, more specifically, I intended to have two or three original self-published works go “live” on Amazon for Kindle in addition to several morel installments of the old dime novel reprints.
  • Pay off all credit card debts.
    (Home improvement projects are expensive!)
  • Have money in the bank and cash in my pocket.
  • Hike the Grand Canyon.
    Not gonna happen this year; but I intend to lose weight and get back in shape so I will be capable of something like this.
  • Complete another “Pillar of Darkness” Expedition.
    Hoping for 2018
  • Travel somewhere. I need some big city / bright lights. I need some serious road trippin’ miles.
  • Buy a “winter getaway home” someplace where it doesn’t snow and where the temperature doesn’t dip below freezing.
    Some areas in Florida are still affordable and halfway decent, so I’ve read.
  • Blog regularly. Here, and at HobbitHovel.com. And I want to do something with
    the other domains I’m sitting on.

  • Refine this list. It is a “living, breathing document.”

I do not realistically expect to achieve all of these objectives over the next 100 days. Some of them, like paying off all the credit card debt or buying a getaway property, will take longer. But I intend to make progress toward those targets while knocking off a few of the others.

We shall see where I’m at around Halloween, at the end of this autumn season, at which point there will be a mere 300 days remaining of my original “1000 Days” timeline.