375. Still Organizing Email

Still trying to clean up and organize my backlog of email. Only 1200 to go in one account and 1800 in the other.

I was gonna post a pic today. I snapped one specifically for this post, or for the post I was intending to post, to show how I’m working on cleaning up the “construction zone” around the house. It’s not all my rubbish and rubble. I’m still cleaning up debris left by the previous owner. It seems that acreage of any significant size becomes a dumping ground for old lumber and miscellaneous mechanical trash. I hauled some “mechanical trash” to the dump a few days ago, finally realizing that I was not likely to “repurpose” it, and I’m working on sawing up wood scraps to use as fireplace fuel.

Speaking of which, very soon, as in, already, I need to be gathering firewood for the winter. What the previous owner left lasted us through two winters, but now I don’t have any.