398. Last Day of Summer

Tomorrow is the astronomical midpoint between the Northern Hemisphere Summer Solstice and the Northern Hemisphere Autumn Equinox. Despite what the news media tries to tell us, that the Summer Solstice is “the first day of summer” and the winter solstice is “the first day of winter” and the spring equinox is “the first day of spring,” the seasons traditionally begin at the astronomical midpoints between the solstices and equinoxes.

And fall begins tomorrow.
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615. New Day, New Year: 2017

Only three years until 2020. As in, Sealab 2020. To make sure I’m ready, I placed an order today for a Seiko SKX-A35 “automatic” dive watch via Amazon. I can’t quite afford this purchase, a whopping two-hundred dollars, but I ordered it anyway. I’ll figure out how to juggle some money to pay the credit card minimums later. Maybe I can sell some previous ill-advised purchases on eBay to make up for the current frivolous purchase.

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