374. Yard Clean Up and Old Friends

Re-established email contact with Holly yesterday! She is on the cusp of becoming “Doctor Holly, PhD.” Holly and I have been exchanging emails, and sometimes actual mail, off and on, since perhaps 2012 or so, usually lengthy and copious missives full of intellectual banter, real news, and total nonsense.

I am usually the one who drops the ball on the communication front.

Also email related: I was able to finish cleaning up my two primary email accounts. Yay for that.

I am also resurrecting my presence on Plurk.com, a short-comment format social media platform.

Today I managed to finish… for now, at any rate, until I find another hidden junk pile… cutting up the scrap lumber that was lying about into fireplace-length pieces. Much of the debris was full of nails and staples and screws, so it was a task not without hazards.

I shall include the image I meant to feature yesterday:

Construction debris to use as firewood

Construction and yard cleanup debris to use as firewood

375. Still Organizing Email

Still trying to clean up and organize my backlog of email. Only 1200 to go in one account and 1800 in the other.

I was gonna post a pic today. I snapped one specifically for this post, or for the post I was intending to post, to show how I’m working on cleaning up the “construction zone” around the house. It’s not all my rubbish and rubble. I’m still cleaning up debris left by the previous owner. It seems that acreage of any significant size becomes a dumping ground for old lumber and miscellaneous mechanical trash. I hauled some “mechanical trash” to the dump a few days ago, finally realizing that I was not likely to “repurpose” it, and I’m working on sawing up wood scraps to use as fireplace fuel.

Speaking of which, very soon, as in, already, I need to be gathering firewood for the winter. What the previous owner left lasted us through two winters, but now I don’t have any.

386. E-Mail Clean-out

I have 2,400 emails dating back to 2013 in one of my frequently used accounts and 3,700 emails dating back to 2008 in my other account. Most of the more recent items are junk mail of one sort or another.

As part of trying to resurrect my “online life,” I think I shall try to clean up and catch up with my email accounts.

While going through my earlier emails, I found a “note to self” about a blog that looked interesting to me… back in 2013: The Light and Wheels Blog. It’s kind of like my blog here, in that it’s about cycling and other things. Of course, cycling is pretty much only a title that I haven’t bothered to change here at my blog, but, yeah.