609. Frozen

Water supply line to the studio yurt is frozen despite the heat tape. Like, whaaaa?

Posting this from the iPad using the WordPress app. Posting from the iPad is not conducive to lengthy or thoughtful posts.

So yeah, this is all you get.

Settings –> Permalinks –> Save Changes

The internal links in the site weren’t working… errrpossibly probably because I had completely deleted the WordPress folder several months ago when some of the Themes files became corrupted, and tonight I decided to try to resurrect the site by re-installing the current version of WordPress.

Anyway, this awesome article on the www.wpbeginner.com web site allowed me to solve the problem in seconds. Yes, in mere seconds! Go to “Settings,” click on “Permalinks” (the bottom link in the list) and then click “Save Changes.” That simple! BOOM!
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