Unknown Number: Quick Update

Oh yeah, this blog!

Paid off an outstanding loan balance yesterday! Woo hoo!

Interesting post at Joel Runyon’s ImpossibleHQ.com blog yesterday. He’s willing to help you set up your blog… for free! Read It Here

I’ll get my “count” up to date and write more here later. Gotta get some vacay rental cleaning out of the way first. That’s what pays the bills these days.


While wasting time on the internet today I stumbled across a link which ultimately led me to the ShineByThree blog by the hyper-sexy Margaret Zhang. She’s only 22, yet she has parlayed her blogging and “selfie” photography into Instagram “star” status and a fashion modeling, photography, and journalism career that takes her all over the world. She’s also a full-time law school student.

Meanwhile, I’m still puttering around shuffling boxes from one side of the room to the other. My accomplishments for the day:

Assembled four plastic cat-carrier cages, and boxed a broken cage up to return to Amazon for replacement.
Rescheduled my upcoming dentist appointment.
Learned that the iPad I ordered directly from Apple will not be compatible with Verizon Wireless. Verizon, of course, has the best coverage, by far, in the area to which we will be moving. Researched options, which seems to mean buying a SIM card from Verizon.
Talked to a car salesperson via telephone to start arrangements to purchase a car to be picked up after we move.
Responded to a notification from my web hosting service that most of the domain name folders on my site had been corrupted by malware. Deleted all the folders. Fortunately this site and ChamberOfChaos were spared. The WordPress files on the pages I don’t use or update regularly were affected.
Moved boxes, as already noted.
Sweated like a pig. (Yes, I’m aware that pigs don’t actually sweat; it’s a turn of phrase.)
Weight today: 204.8 pounds

4. The Only Thing We Have to Fear… are the Fearful

Meeting with neighbor in attached half of duplex regarding termite fumigation did not go well. He is irrationally terrified — no, not just concerned or worried or even fearful, but utterly and abjectly terrified, of the idea of fumigating the house. He believes, truly believes, that the gas will linger for months, affecting his allergies and prohibiting him from living in the house.

This will, at a minimum, delay the closing date, and very possibly derail the entire sale unless we can find a workable alternative.

349. Stay of Execution

Today, along with several co-workers from the school at which I work, I received a Certificate of Commendation from David Ige, Governor of the State of Hawaii:

With Governor David Ige of Hawaii

With Governor David Ige of Hawaii

DAY 7 – Just a Short One

I wanted to type a longer post tonight, but I’m tired so it ain’t gonna happen.

I managed to exchange the broken light fixture I purchased at Home Depot yesterday for a new one. In installed it this evening after work. It doesn’t look as good as I had hoped. Maybe finding the first one broken was a sign that I should have selected a different design.

I also repaired a broken floor lamp.

My car is leaking coolant. That could mean a worn hose or a loose clamp, but I suspect it’s more like a rusted radiator or a failing water pump. Replacing the water pump on a PT Cruiser requires disassembling the front of the engine after partially removing the engine from the car. It’s about a thousand dollar job to replace a forty dollar part.

1 August 2014

DAY FIVE: Long Day at Werk

Worked late. Part of the day was spent in mostly pointless and unproductive meetings. I used what time I had to work toward decluttering my workspace. I took my own handtruck and my own boxes. One of the other teachers “borrowed” about half my boxes. I still managed to cart a fair amount of stuff to the dumpster, although not as much as I would have liked. I am hoping to have time to continue the process tomorrow.

As a result of “open house” night at work, I did not get home until the evening, just in time to change my clothes, grab a bite to eat, and catch the premiere of the made-for-TV movie Sharknado 2 on the Sci-Fi channel.