608. No More NaNo

I just deleted my NaNoWriMo.org account. I have participated in National Novel Writing Month for over ten years. Each year I donate at least a few dollars (usually twenty, and as high as fifty) to support the event, because it’s fun and because it seems selfish to take part for free. In more than ten years of participating, I have never once completed the NaNoWriMo 50,000 word challenge. Still, being a “contributor” puts me in a more exclusive group than mere completers. Fewer than 8% of NaNo participants actually contribute financially to the operation, even though about 15%, on average, complete the 50,000 word challenge each year.

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609. Frozen

Water supply line to the studio yurt is frozen despite the heat tape. Like, whaaaa?

Posting this from the iPad using the WordPress app. Posting from the iPad is not conducive to lengthy or thoughtful posts.

So yeah, this is all you get.

610. Didn’t Finish ‘Cuz I Didn’t Start

I had a list of things to do today, but I didn’t finish anything on the list because I didn’t start anything on the list. I didn’t start anything else, for that matter.

And here I am making a cursory post of little value containing little thought, exposition, or introspection merely for the sake of making a post.

Tomorrow I shall make a better list, and then do things from that list.

And then write a better post about doing things from that list.

Meanwhile, go read Joel Runyon: Build a Stronger Mindset

TIMEX Expedition Field Watch
It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.
Can you say the same about yourself?

611. Insulation

The water supply lines in the studio yurt keep freezing, so I keep adding insulation to the outside walls.

Were I going to do it again, I would direct the water lines differently. At least now I have a better idea of how to factor in cold weather when I tackle another plumbing project.

Cutting Styrofoam Insulation Panels
Using a Hand Saw

612. Roadrunner Trail

Drove down to Kanab, Utah, about an hour south of here, to get out of the snow. Didn’t quite get out of the snow, but hiked for an hour or so on the Roadrunner Trail on the outskirts of town, then continued south to Fredonia, across the state line in Arizona, to pick up a couple of lottery tickets. You can’t win if you don’t play!

Roadrunner Trailhead
Kanab, Utah USA

614. A Little Bit Sad Tonight

I’m feeling a little bit sad tonight over something that’s really very trivial in the grand scheme of things, I suppose. One of my Instagram “friends” announced earlier this evening that she will be taking a break from Instagram, and from all online activity, “for a while,” which she clarified to my query to mean at least a few months.

Posts from morbidus.cruor have always been among my favorites in my relatively small Instagram circle.

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615. New Day, New Year: 2017

Only three years until 2020. As in, Sealab 2020. To make sure I’m ready, I placed an order today for a Seiko SKX-A35 “automatic” dive watch via Amazon. I can’t quite afford this purchase, a whopping two-hundred dollars, but I ordered it anyway. I’ll figure out how to juggle some money to pay the credit card minimums later. Maybe I can sell some previous ill-advised purchases on eBay to make up for the current frivolous purchase.

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616. Good-Bye 2016

The USA will have a new president in 2017. That is a good thing. Will America be great again? I believe it will. Will my own world and life be better? I believe that, too, will be the case.

I need to keep up with the exercise regime I’ve begun. I need to put more time and effort into getting the second rental unit ready to go, and to keeping the first rental unit functional. I need to decide on what I want to do, on what I need to do, and then do it!

It’s that simple. Really.

Today we drove down to Kanab, Utah, about an hour south of where we live, and walked around the town for a while just to get some fresh air and exercise. Not entirely productive, I guess, but I definitely need the exercise!

And I saw a Yugo! Does anybody remember the Yugo?

YUGO in Kanab, Utah
31 December 2016

Let’s wrap up the year with a symbolic image of passing time. Yes, I know, another mermaid would be more fun, but a wristwatch will have to do!

Out with the old year and in with the new!

617. The Math Was Easy

Okay, the math was easy enough, because I didn’t have to do any math. I looked through the archives on this site to find out when I started my “1000 Days” countdown thing. It was 13 December 2015. Then I typed in a “natural language” internet search: “How many days since December 13 2015.” Several “countdown timer” web sites popped up, and I had my answer: 383 days.
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