398. Last Day of Summer

Tomorrow is the astronomical midpoint between the Northern Hemisphere Summer Solstice and the Northern Hemisphere Autumn Equinox. Despite what the news media tries to tell us, that the Summer Solstice is “the first day of summer” and the winter solstice is “the first day of winter” and the spring equinox is “the first day of spring,” the seasons traditionally begin at the astronomical midpoints between the solstices and equinoxes.

And fall begins tomorrow.
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400. What Happened With the “100 Days of Awesome” Thing?

I wrapped up the “100 Days of Awesome” timeline back in April. What I didn’t wrap up were any of the projects I had intended to complete in that time. It took until mid-June to get the “Gallery Yurt” ready to rent.

Actually, it’s not done yet. There are several more things I need to complete: awnings over the windows; a loft area that includes a railing, flooring, carpeting, wiring, and a ladder; weather-resistant outdoor electrical outlets; and a few more tweaks to the drain system. But for the moment, it is “rentable” in a minimalistic sort of way.

You can see it at: Bryce Canyon Deluxe Private Yurt

As for the other things on that list, I didn’t finish any of them.

401. Four Hundred Days

Four-hundred one days remaining in my “1000 Days” Project.

My, how the first six-hundred days have flown!

My, how little I have accomplished!

My, how many times I have forgotten about this blog, which was intended to be a productivity tool.

I guess the only tool here is me.

Anyway, I did the math. Four-hundred one days remaining.

617. The Math Was Easy

Okay, the math was easy enough, because I didn’t have to do any math. I looked through the archives on this site to find out when I started my “1000 Days” countdown thing. It was 13 December 2015. Then I typed in a “natural language” internet search: “How many days since December 13 2015.” Several “countdown timer” web sites popped up, and I had my answer: 383 days.
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Where Am I?

Where am I… relative to that “1000 days” thing, I mean? I’m not sure, I’ll have to do some math to figure it out. Once I get the math part calculated, I’ll try to get back on track with tracking what I’m trying to track.

Uhm… just what was it I was trying to keep track of?
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Today was a “go to the store” day, meaning make the hour and a half drive to Cedar City and back. That’s my excuse for not accomplishing much.

I spent $166.00 on insulation for the floor of the studio building.

One of my plans for this blog is to use this daily, or almost-daily, entry to improve my writing; to write more words; to turn small or specific incidents into interesting short essays. Obviously that’s not happening… yet.

Also bought some inexpensive (six dollar) sweat pants so when I resume jogging….