One-Hundred Days: Day 1 of 100

The idea behind Chamber of Chaos Pikey Fat Git is that I am living a life – if you can call it a life – of entropy and ennui. Despite plans, schemes, ideas, and ambitions, I am rarely able to get anything done. I don’t finish what I start. I don’t start what I plan. I don’t plan what I daydream about. My intent for this site is to document what I do, or what I don’t do, and eventually, I hope, use the data recorded here to figure out how to actually finish something once in a while.

Other people seem to get things done. The World Wide Web is full of blog sites by people who claim to start one business, usually internet-based, after another, and who write about generating “six-figure incomes” from their part-time internet-based income streams that they manage from beside the pool at a tropical resort in Thailand or The Philippines or some similarly improbable locale.

Yeah, well, that all sounds fine and dandy, Continue reading