604. 100 Days of Awesome

I’m starting a new “self-improvement” and “productivity” project.

Yesterday I wrapped up a “365” photo project on the Flickr photo sharing site, “365 Productive Days.” The results of those 365 days were not as impressive as I had intended. I have decided to carry on with a new version, with an intent to be more diligent in my effort and more effective with my time. Rather than focus on an entire year, or on the 1000 days that is the subject of this blog, I am starting a shorter, and I’m hoping more intense, project: 100 Days of Awesome. I’m numbering the days in reverse order, as sort of a countdown.

Since it’s a countdown, I suppose I should call this new project “100 Days To Awesome.”

But I’m impatient. I don’t want to wait 100 days. I want my awesome now!

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610. Didn’t Finish ‘Cuz I Didn’t Start

I had a list of things to do today, but I didn’t finish anything on the list because I didn’t start anything on the list. I didn’t start anything else, for that matter.

And here I am making a cursory post of little value containing little thought, exposition, or introspection merely for the sake of making a post.

Tomorrow I shall make a better list, and then do things from that list.

And then write a better post about doing things from that list.

Meanwhile, go read Joel Runyon: Build a Stronger Mindset

TIMEX Expedition Field Watch
It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.
Can you say the same about yourself?

Zero of a Thousand: or, The Reboot

One thousand days from today will be SUNDAY, 9 SEPTEMBER 2018.

A thousand days. It sounds like a long time, but in actuality, it’s only about two and a half years. And two and a half years can fly by.

Or, the time can drag. Usually it’s a mix.

It’s been three months since last I posted here. Much has changed.

I am no longer employed. I am no longer teaching. I no longer live on the beach. I no longer live in Hawaii.

I live in Utah. I live in a very rural area. I live in a modified yurt on fourteen acres… with no mortgage. I have a new car, a 2015 Subaru Forester, with no car payment.

I have a lot of work ahead of me, but the short-term goals are fairly simple and straightforward:

1. Turn two of the three yurts on the property into vacation rental units.

2. Get fit: lose weight and improve fitness.

3. Write and publish some projects to Amazon for Kindle.

I thought I’d have accomplished more by now. Still, it’s only been three months, or ninety-some days. They’ve been busy, challenging days. There’s been quite an adjustment moving to rural Utah from densely populated Oahu. There have been issues with the new house — adjusting to the rather odd living space, fixing things that weren’t working right, fixing things that broke (like the well pump; what a hassle and expense that was!), learning our way around, acclimating to the just-shy-of-seven-thousand-feet altitude after living, quite literally, at sea level for the past sixteen years.

Feeling like a failure for leaving my job and giving up the beachfront house in Hawaii. I mean, that’s the dream, right? Living on the beach in Hawaii?

Now I’m living in a glorified tent. Granted, it’s a glorified tent on fourteen acres overlooking a meandering river and, in the distance, the orange-red cliffs of Bryce Canyon. But still… it ain’t Hawaii.

Hawaii… maybe I’ll go back one of these days. Maybe I’ll move back one of these days. But living in Hawaii without a lot of money is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Now the plan is to make the most of this move. Take advantage of the opportunities south-central Utah has to offer: world-class hiking and photography opportunities, all manner of outdoor recreation, a reasonable cost of living, and easy highway and freeway access to… everywhere!

In that regard, there’s another goal I was thinking about today:

4. Post photos and blog posts that make other people envious of my life!

So often (as in, always) when I look at photos posted by others on Instagram (I’m on there: @davidd_lives_in_utah_now @hoodoo_dave) or read various blogs, I find myself envious. Or despondent. It seems like “everybody’s lives are better than mine.” They’re better looking, they have more money, they live in cooler houses or more interesting places, they have better adventures. I know full-well that what comes across in blogs and pictures is “edited reality.” But still, I fall for it. Well, I’m going to edit my reality! I’m going to present a life that is positive, fun, funny, interesting… and maybe even envy-inducing! How? Mostly by not whining so much… and posting lots of pictures of pretty rocks! After all, Utah was just declared the Number One Vacation Destination In The World by Fodor’s travel guides. And I’m living right here in the heart of it. I moved from one of the premiere travel destinations on the planet to… another of the premiere travel destinations on the planet!

So to reiterate: I shall stop whining!

Okay, what’s the THOUSAND DAYS thing about?

Initially this blog was based around One Hundred Days. I tried to make changes in my life within a one-hundred day time frame. It took nearly three of those time-frames, but I made some changes. Some big changes. Like quitting my job and moving from oceanfront Hawaii to landlocked (and cold in the winter) Utah.

The next changes are gonna be even bigger. So they’re gonna take longer. Getting an independent business (vacation rentals and writing, for starters) up and running will take a while. Those aren’t the goals, those are the means. The longer-term goals include buying more property, possibly in Florida, or even Hawaii, depending on finances, as an “escape” when the cold and the isolation become tiresome. Perhaps owning another car. And a nice bicycle to take advantage of the top-tier trail biking in Utah (after all, this blog is titled Pikey Fat Git Cycling Club).

And, of course, as has long been my stated, if not always acted-upon, goal: fitness.

Earlier this evening I ordered a pair of trail running shoes, thanks to a couple of generous Amazon gift cards I received for my birthday last week. I plugged in the Garmin Forerunner 235 GPS device I bought for myself when I moved (and which has been sitting, unopened, since it arrived weeks and weeks ago). New tech toys always help spark the enthusiasm for exercise among those, like myself, who tend to be otherwise disinclined to exertion. I set up a Garmin Connect account: I don’t know, are those accounts searchable? Find me there, or at Nike Plus, as PikeyFatGit.

I’m currently at 201.8 pounds. Target: well, I’m still aiming for 11 stone, my long-held goal since 43Things was a thing! (I really, really miss that site.)

And thus, we begin; I am rebooting this blog, and my life, and we’ll see where the next one-thousand days takes us!

One-Hundred Days: Day 1 of 100

The idea behind Chamber of Chaos Pikey Fat Git is that I am living a life – if you can call it a life – of entropy and ennui. Despite plans, schemes, ideas, and ambitions, I am rarely able to get anything done. I don’t finish what I start. I don’t start what I plan. I don’t plan what I daydream about. My intent for this site is to document what I do, or what I don’t do, and eventually, I hope, use the data recorded here to figure out how to actually finish something once in a while.

Other people seem to get things done. The World Wide Web is full of blog sites by people who claim to start one business, usually internet-based, after another, and who write about generating “six-figure incomes” from their part-time internet-based income streams that they manage from beside the pool at a tropical resort in Thailand or The Philippines or some similarly improbable locale.

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