306. A Return Expedition?

Telegram – D. P. Beach to A. E. Sable – 1915

Telegram – D. P. Beach to A. E. Sable – 1915

If I’m going to attempt another expedition I need to lose weight, and a lot of it… starting now!

Six and a half weeks. How much can I reasonably expect to lose in that amount of time? Somewhere between twelve and twenty pounds, if I focus and stay on track. The problem is, I’ll be going in to this knowing that even twenty pounds is not enough.

I’ll also need to buy an iPad or a travel laptop computer. How am I gonna get a thousand bucks to do that? A thousand bucks in addition to what I’ll need for the trip, so at least two grand… in six weeks. That’s a lot of eBay.

Fat Guy Running - Day 1 - 204.6 lbs

Fat Guy Running – Day 1 – 204.6 lbs

So I actually ran. Okay, jogged. Six miles at a 12 minute mile pace.

And I started the sit-ups again. And push-ups. Knee push-ups, ‘cuz I’m pathetic. And some squats.

I’ll be sore tomorrow.

I’m also trying to eat “paleo style.” Mostly vegetables today. A few bits of lean turkey a few minutes ago because I was feeling a little bit hungry and a lot bit cranky. Already.

Can’t cut the Coca Cola out cold; limiting myself to two glasses. So far I’ve had only one today – hence the “lot bit cranky.”

Snapped some photos of some things to list on eBay.